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Splat TV Review #1

The striking thing about 'Splat TV volume 1' is the slick production. It's all there: music, comedy sound effects, three different camera angles on each scene, DVD front menu, nine scenes divided up into chapters, and the content has all your favorite elements of classic slapstick.
First up is one of a number of brief scenes spoofing the 'got milk?' commercials. A pretty ballerina's dancing practice is interrupted by a voiceover. Before she knows it, she's on the receiving end of a pie sandwich. "Got pie?" The pies are thick, goopy, and they stick well. This scene is all too brief, but she won't escape so easily: this ballerina has more treats to come.
Scene two is my favorite. Mindy is the over-the-top presenter of a makeover show and Tammy, her 'willing' assistant. These beautiful girls do a great job of hamming up the script. Messy clothes fans will love what follows. Poor Tammy must grin and bear it as she receives an entire bucket of cake batter over her head, followed by two bottles of chocolate syrup and several thick cream pies. She gets really covered and plenty of the slop disappears down her deep cleavage. Fantastic.
That's the end of the scene, or so Mindy thinks. Tammy returns armed with pies, and little miss Mindy has a taste of her own medicine. The indignant presenter gets a pie sandwich. Two buckets of green goo follow (looks like pea soup, but who knows?).
"This is my show! I'm not a model!" wails Mindy. "That's right, you're a princess!" says Tammy, crowning her with a huge cream and custard pie.
Did you know that cream pie improves your IQ? Neither did the sexy schoolgirl (complete with plaid skirt, pigtails and white knee socks) in the next scene. But she's about to find out! I love the way she keeps her cool after being pied. It's a brief scene, but once again, she's got more coming her way later!
Another quickie scene follows. A haughty blonde complains to the camera about the hardships of being so beautiful. Our phantom pie thrower decides a big pie (thrown with considerable force) will help her situation.
The next scene is much longer and builds slowly. A pretty girl is enjoying ice cream. We watch from various angles (including up her skirt). Oh dear! She drops the ice cream. There's a treat for feet fans as she slowly smushes the melting ice cream around with her bare feet, letting it squish up between her toes. A little taste of mess isn't enough for this girl. "I want my dessert," she says. And who's to argue? A rapid series of pies pelt her face, hair, shoulders and cleavage. It's still not enough! Cue a deluge of goop from above. Her head and tits get totally covered, and the slime runs down covering her skirt. Still it keeps coming, eventually leaving her in a huge puddle of slop.
"Mmm…" she purrs, "perfect!"
To finish, she lies down on her tummy and lifts her skirt to reveal her panties. Splat! A huge custard pie sails in and hits the target beautifully. Lovely stuff!
Back at the makeover studio, the show's over, and Mindy isn't happy about Tammy's unscripted revenge. She twirls Tammy around, yanks up her skirt to reveal red panties, and splats a pie on her butt. Tammy returns the favor, really rubbing the pie around on Mindy's rear. I love this classic tit-for- tat, punctuated by dusting of hands, indignant gasps and "two can play at that game" attitude. Faces, tits and asses all get well pied before a truce is called. I certainly hope we'll be seeing more of these two great girls, as they play it beautifully, managing to be silly and sexy at the same time.
Our poor ballerina is up for more punishment next. She tries to fend off the custard and cream thrown at her. This is a silent movie spoof, complete with jingly piano and grainy lines. Is it over? She lowers her hands and peeps out. No! One last pie lands square in her face.
It's back to school in the following scene, as the sexy student prepares for more pie. She's got her back to us, looking cheekily over her shoulder, pie dripping off her face. What follows is incredible: she pulls up her skirt to reveal her panties and sits on a sloppy pie. She writhes a little then stands up. I love the way the pie tin falls away, leaving a long gooey string of custard and cream hanging down. She wiggles her ass and more mess falls away (all in glorious close up), then she looks into the camera and pokes her tongue out at us.
Next, the ice cream-lover from earlier is back for one more pie. She's still lying in the aftermath of her messy shower. The final pie is a real corker, and it splatters in all directions.
As the credits role, we're treated to some outtakes. My favorite of these is Tammy from the makeover scene. Waiting for the next shot, and totally messed up, she laughingly says: "I don't mind it at all! I actually kind of enjoy it. Call me a freak. I like cream pies!" Well this is one freak who thinks it would be a CRIME not to get this beauty back for more!
There's one final bonus on this disc, and it's a big one: all the scenes from the cutting room floor. There's loads of footage to enjoy.
Splat TV is perfect for lovers of messy female Slapstick. The girls are incredible...and they clearly have a whale of a time doing the scenes. The whole feel of the film is playful, tongue-in-cheek, messy mischief.
My only complaint is that many of the scenes are too brief. Just when I'm enjoying them, we cut to another scene altogether. On future releases I'd like to see some longer messy scenes, with more pies (and other gunge). In fact it would be worth sacrificing the bonus 'cutting room floor' scenes for a few extended skits. Of course, short and snappy, fast-paced fun is still preferable to videos I've seen where the scenes drag on and on, milked to the point of tedium (mention no names).
For now though, get ready for the next big name in messy slapstick. If this is their first attempt, imagine what's going to follow. Splat TV ROCKS!!!

Brian S


It is rare that a slapstick video comes along with such variety in tastes and interests. Splat TV volume 1 is a great example of a video like this. It features 4 absolutely stunning actresses/models in the video. That's right, these ladies have acting experience which makes for well acted skits and scenarios. There are several scenes, some long, some short, and even a tasty surprise from wam in the past that you are sure to enjoy! I dont want to give it away as it may ruin the surprise. The mess used is absolutely near perfection as there are many pies, and much slime [and even chocolate syrup is used]. Plus, for the messy feet fans as well as the messy butt fans, there is plenty of feet mess, as well as butt pieings. The facial and hair coverage on the models is great. The only problem with the "Got Pie?" shorts is the fact that few pies are used. The first of those shorts, a pie sandwich is used, but the affect of it only looked like one pie. Other than that, mess use is fantastic.
As for my favorite skit, it would have to be a tie between "Messy Makeover" and "Strawberry Desert." "Messy Makeover" is great due to the lines the girls say as well as the mess. These girls say their lines great and it really does make you laugh sometimes which in my opinion is hard to do in a fetish-like video. After all, slapstick IS meant to be funny, and in here, it is. Don't get me wrong, the "Got Pie?" skits are funny as well, but the funny highlight would definitely be "Messy Makeover."
"Strawberry Desert" features just one girl, but she holds the scene up well. Rather than a funny skit, this is a sexy, tease-like skit. It starts off with her eating ice cream, and it goes on for a while as the camera pans her whole body. You just can't wait until she gets messy!! Once the pies start flying, and the slime is pouring, it makes for one great, sexy, and messy experience that you are sure to love.
The video itself is great, the only one thing that I didn't like to much was when at the end of the video where there is lots of aftermath footage (which is a GREAT bonus by the way!) , there was a lot of missing audio in a lot of places. Sometimes the audio would be there, but in random places, it wouldn't be. That shouldn't be too hard to fix for the next video, so I am not too upset over it. It still doesn't take away from the awesome messy aftermath footage! [Producer's NOTE: some audio was deleted to remove extraneous talking and to protect privacy]
All in all, this video is a MUST for all WAM fans out there. There is something for everyone. It contains many pies to the face, great slimings, chocolate syrup, messy feet action, butt pieings, and a ton of messy aftermath footage at the end of the video. Including that extra footage, this video is over an hour in length! This will be a video you will want to watch several times. Great models, great acting, great mess, great reactions to the mess.
I give this video four and a half pies out of five. I look foward to volume 2!!

-Stephen R.

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